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Heads up, London

Londoners probably shouldn't relax too soon, if The Times' claim that a third terror cell is poised to strike are correct. The claims apparently come from a Special Branch conference at Scotland Yard, though elsewhere, the authorities have been downplaying them. In any case, this matter is far from over, and it may take months to find those behind the bombings. The fact that one of them managed to slip through the net and leave the country a few days after the alarm was raised doesn't raise one's confidence.

In other news: it emerges that the Oval bomber tried to have an imam sacked for being too moderate, and the bomber held in Rome tells all to an Italian newspaper, claiming that they only planned a "demonstration attack" and didn't intend to kill anyone; perhaps his handlers told him that the backpack he was carrying contained a large red flag with "BANG!" printed on it or something? Meanwhile, the youth wing of a mainstream UK Muslim group is calling for jihad against the infidels (i.e., us), and details are emerging about the psychology of the failed suicide bombers. And if there's one phrase that says "loser in the game of life", it would be "failed suicide bomber":

Elie Godsi, a consultant clinical psychologist, says that there is a huge stigma attached to terrorists who fail which means they are unable to return to their communities.
"There is a great deal of stigma in having not succeeded," said the forensic psychologist from the University of Nottingham and author of Making Sense of Madness and Badness. "They will regroup and try again or try to take their own lives."

There are 5 comments on "Heads up, London":

Posted by: Paulo http:// Mon Aug 1 14:55:52 2005

I just can't help noticing the use you made of "us" in you phrase:

"the infidels (i.e., us)"

Maybe your readers aren't all the same "kind" ...

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 1 15:33:34 2005

Well, had they been on one of those tube trains they would have been "us" enough for the bombers to slaughter, even if they were Muslims (as some were). Presumably the fact that they weren't fighting in the jihad made them Part Of The Problem in the view of the terrorists.

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 1 15:34:56 2005

Besides which, I imagine that the militant jihadi demographic of this blog's audience would be small enough to be insignificant.

Posted by: Paulo http:// Thu Aug 4 15:12:54 2005

Well I guess you mean they also target non-jihadist muslims and call them infidels ... I hadn't seen it that way.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 4 15:39:06 2005

I think they call them apostates, but same concept. The basic concept seems to be "kill them all, let Allah sort them out".