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The Wicker Man

Bloody hell; they're remaking The Wicker Man. They are, of course, relocating it to the US (as all today's stories happen in America); though for some reason, they're setting it off the coast of Maine (presumably because the climate is like Scotland's). IMHO, a US-set Wicker Man would have worked better somewhere around the Old Testament heartland of the south, where people take fire and brimstone absolutism in with their mother's milk, good Christian folk believe that Satan is real and walking among them, black-clad teenage outcasts believe that Satan is way cool and drinking blood will give them super powers; they could have made Lord Summerisle into a David Koresh-like figure, a mullet-haired leader of a devout Christian community that's really a weird pagan cult. Moving it to Maine, in contrast, sounds somewhat unimaginative.

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Posted by: Graham Thu Aug 4 16:13:44 2005

Possibly, though New England has its own ghosts... Besides, it's The Wicker Man, not Deliverance.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 4 16:18:23 2005

Hmm.. maybe if they mashed it up with H.P. Lovecraft's world and made Summerisle into Innsmouth or something.

Posted by: Loki http:// Fri Aug 5 02:25:22 2005

Maybe they got confused about where Salem is.

Posted by: Ben Hailfellowwellmet http:// Sat Aug 6 17:12:30 2005

You obviously haven't watched Alex Jones' 'Bohemian Grove' documentary...

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