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Creationism in Australia

Australia's Education Minister endorses Creationism, or "intelligent design", calls for it to be taught alongside evolution. And so, John Howard's Australia slips closer to the parallel universe in which the Joh For PM campaign was successful. There is no word on whether flat-earth geography, geocentric astronomy or alchemy will also be taught along the Godless post-Enlightenment sciences to give students diversity and "reasonable choice".

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Posted by: memphet http:// Thu Aug 11 10:53:07 2005

eehh, what does anyone reeeealy know anyways?

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 11 11:45:59 2005

Well, there is such a thing as the scientific method, and the fact that evolution makes predictions which have turned out to be true and contributes to a model useful for understanding the world, whereas "intelligent design" just says "we can never know anything, so all we have is faith". Had we maintained that sort of belief, we'd still be in the Dark Ages.

Posted by: threeze Thu Aug 11 12:15:26 2005

i have no issue if this is taught outside the science lab in some sort of religious studies unit, as long as it is discussed along with other origin stories from other religions.

Posted by: steff Sat Aug 13 03:58:37 2005

Not to mention the Flying Spagetti Monster, the originator of all creation! The curriculae are discriminating against the TRUTH by excluding it from our textbooks.

Posted by: Max Sat Aug 13 05:29:26 2005

I don't understand why you think "they" are the bias, bigoted ones? You search continually for what?

C'mon, try just any one of these articles:

Posted by: Graham Sat Aug 13 08:33:44 2005

So fossils were just put there to "test our faith", huh?

Posted by: amby http:// Sat Aug 13 19:22:48 2005

"The fundies set you up the bomb! All your science jobs are belong to us!" - Someone in Japan/China, year 2050.

Posted by: memphet http:// Thu Aug 18 02:01:09 2005

i will pray for you all.

Posted by: Graham Fri Aug 19 12:51:46 2005

Is anyone answering?

Posted by: Ben http:// Sun Aug 21 05:23:25 2005

What's wrong with the flat, hollow earth theory being taught to the flat-headed, hollow students nowadays?

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