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The sociophysics of coupling

It turns out that dating and coupling may have more in common with particle physics than with chemistry.
Richard Ecob adapted a system for modelling atoms in radioactive decay to investigate how we look for partners. He found that "super daters", people who have many short relationships, have a good effect on others' lives. This is because they break up weak couples, forcing their victims to find better relationships.
It turns out that the mathematics of couples breaking up is very similar to that of atoms decaying, and apparently subatomic particles that bounce from atom to atom end up living unfulfilled lives as well:
The research suggested that multiple daters, those who form many relationships, were less effective at finding the right partner than those who remained in one place and let others come to them.
Of course, the definitions there look rather vague, so just how much sodium one should take this with is unknown.

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Posted by: Loki Tue Aug 16 01:20:36 2005

That's sodium chloride :)

Posted by: datakid http:// Tue Aug 16 09:26:22 2005

beaten to the punch! you can't slip one past a bunch of nerds, acb. :)

Posted by: Graham Tue Aug 16 14:28:27 2005

Of course, taking pure sodium would be a little more spectacular.

Posted by: dj Wed Aug 17 00:23:49 2005