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The Olympic ideal

The official marketing restrictions for the London Olympics have been announced; in order to protect sponsors' investment, other businesses in London will be prohibited from using in their names or marketing not only the word 'Olympic', but also a host of other words, among them 'games', "gold', 'silver', 'bronze', '2012' or 'summer', as well as facsimiles of the Olympic logo (Audi dealerships can't be too happy about this) or the as yet undesigned mascots. No word on whether it will be illegal to wear T-shirts with political slogans in public spaces in London, as was apparently the case in Sydney in 2000.

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Posted by: gjw Thu Aug 18 00:59:43 2005

The Olympic Logo is apparently defined as "five interlocking rings" with no regard to the arrangement of the rings. Audis, having four rings, are probably fine. But an RPG game using a 300-year old symbol as it's logo got into trouble:

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