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The War on Nekkid Goth Chicks

The FBI's War On Pornography draws its first blood before it even begins: purveyor of nekkid-goth-chick-pictures Suicide Girls has taken down some photographs, preemptively, in the hope of avoiding a FBI raid. (Because we all know the devoutly religious types Ashcroft had appointed would love to take those darkness-worshipping punks down with maximum force.)
We have received no formal government notice to remove these images, however, in the course of our involvement, as witnesses, in a federal criminal prosecution that does not target SG, we have been made aware of the risks posting such content poses the owners of the company. Given the U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' new war on porn task force and it's intent to bring obscenity charges against their loosely defined "Deviant" imagery, we have removed any images with fake blood and any images we felt could be wrongfully construed as sadist or masochist.
It could probably be argued that piercings and punk/goth paraphernalia automatically constitute "deviant" imagery. Perhaps not strongly enough to win a court case, but enough to keep the site offline until the matter is dragged, expensively, though the courts.

I wonder how long until the War On Porn spreads to Australia. (Given the Family First presence in the Senate, the government's paternalistic style, the lack of US-style constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and senior Tories' periodic thumping of the wowser-moral-values tub, I wouldn't rule it out.) Perhaps one day soon we'll wake up and read in the Age or hear on RRR about the Australian Federal Police raiding I Shot Myself and impounding their servers or something.

(Warning: some links in this post may contain erototoxins.)

There are 8 comments on "The War on Nekkid Goth Chicks":

Posted by: gjw Thu Sep 29 13:07:41 2005

War on Porn spreading to Australia? Are you kidding? It's never not been going on here. You can't run any sort of porn site from an Australian server. As I understand it, by the letter of the law they can prosecute you for finding any sort of "hardcore" pornographic pictures on your computer - anything more extreme than you'd find in Playboy is "unrated" according to the Office of Film and Literature Classification, and therefore illegal. I don't know how well this is enforced, but it's there. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted by: gjw Thu Sep 29 13:11:20 2005

(is I Shot Myself really hosted in Australia? I fear for their safety, although they may just sneak in as being "Art")

Posted by: acb Thu Sep 29 14:15:30 2005

I could ask a friend who works there. Apparently they're based in Fitzroy or somewhere, though I've no idea where their servers are.

Given that they were flyering inner Melbourne with "Earn $150-200 modelling" ads (or at least were when I was there), I suspect that the War on Porn has been in a state of detente, which I suspect may not last.

Posted by: dj Fri Sep 30 01:34:12 2005

Let the Lord save you from the terrible temptations of the flesh!

For 3 easy payments of 20.95 you can become pure again.

Posted by: gjw Fri Sep 30 12:56:42 2005

I just checked - I Shot Myself is hosted in California, even if they're run by Aussies. Makes sense.

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 30 13:48:18 2005

Or at least it did when they started.

I bet the Dutch web-hosting industry will do well out of this.

Posted by: kstop http:// Fri Sep 30 21:06:07 2005

Ah, 2257. We moved our dodgier servers to Brazil. And our lawyers to Jamaica.

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 30 21:22:35 2005

Who is "we" in this context?

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