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Jesus Juice

One of the journalists who covered the Michael Jackson trial is going into the wine business, by marketing a brand of wine named Jesus Juice. The label on the bottles will feature a photograph of a Jackson-like figure in a crucifixion pose, wearing one glove and a fedora:
Jackson's lawyers have threatened to sue the winemaker. It is not clear on what grounds: will they claim that Jackson owns the trademark "Jesus Juice", or instead claim false advertising given that it is a wine rather than a sugary alcopop?

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Posted by: Reen http:// Fri Nov 11 17:03:32 2005

Actually, under U.S. law, it's pretty clear what their cause of action will be . . . there's a law protecting the "right of publicity" of celebrities or other public figures, that forbids the use of their images without their consent.

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