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Slowdive rereleases

According to this page, Slowdive's three albums are about to be rereleased in remastered form. Just For A Day and Souvlaki come with bonus discs, containing EP tracks and, in the latter case, bonus tracks from the US edition. Their last album, the glorious Pygmalion is a single disc with no extras, though it's good to see it see the light of day again.

It would have been nice to see some of Slowdive's unreleased demo/outtake tracks (such as the "Souvlaki Demos" and "Pygmalion Demos" that have been floating around; the latter show an electronic sparseness that prefigured the likes of M83 and Ulrich Schnauss), though I'm not complaining. Also, given the fact that it's on Castle and not Sony (who owns the back-catalogue), chances are it won't evil your computer.

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Posted by: steff Sun Nov 20 00:32:53 2005

This is fantastic news! I have a Schnauss cover of Slowdive, which is lovely. In fact, there's an entire compilation of Slowdive covers and it is excellent.

Posted by: acb Wed Nov 23 17:30:27 2005

If you mean the Morr Music one, it has some good tracks, though a lot of them are let down by weak vocals and changed vocal melodies (which sound like they can't sing in tune), and just by the songs not sounding very good compared to the originals.

There's another Slowdive cover compilation, released as MP3s by a Spanish label a year or two ago. It's in a more traditional shoegazer vein. And then there's the Club AC30 "Never Lose The Feeling" compo, which has covers of a bunch of other shoegazer bands.

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