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Imploding H. Agglutinated

I just got an email from "Imploding H. Agglutinated", urging me to "WORK FROM HOME".

There are 3 comments on "Imploding H. Agglutinated":

Posted by: diane http:// Wed Nov 30 21:13:47 2005

At first, I thought the best spam name for a software peddler was "Paralysis J. Fishing" ... but then the random name-generator scheme got old.

"Lordliest D. Flours" "Basel A. Pirandello" "Abstention D. Sterling" "Palpitation E. Mils" "Campanile O. Sickness" "Operas C. Gangway" etc.

Posted by: acb Thu Dec 1 00:43:56 2005

I once got "Speedboat L. Fairway"; a friend, though, trumped that with "Smelly T. Feminists".

I think whoever wrote this piece of spamware was counting on people forwarding the mail intact, with "hey, look at this goofy name!", to all their friends.

Posted by: diane http:// Fri Dec 2 19:13:40 2005

The one I got today may top the smelly feminists: "Crotch H. Foment".

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