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Welding the hood shut

It looks like the next version of Microsoft's Windows OS will require all device drivers and kernel-level code to be digitally signed. This is ostensibly to prevent kernel-level rootkits from installing themselves, though has the bonus feature of adding a ring of steel to the black iron prison the RIAA/MPAA want to build around everything handling their precious intellectual property. Oh, and it will also restrict device-driver development on Windows to those with the resources to pony up for the Verizon digital signature.

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Posted by: threeze Sat Jan 28 04:47:19 2006

Verizon or VeriSign?

Posted by: d http:// Mon Feb 6 05:55:36 2006

Just guessing, but owning a code-signing certificate is probably not going to be enough. Probably device drivers will need to be signed by Microsoft issued certificates.

For example, Crypto Service Providers already need to be signed by Microsoft. Not that MS seem to do any decent testing of the CSP before approving it.

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