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Digital cameras of the near future

A look at upcoming trends in digital cameras. The megapixel race, it seems, is over, with most people being happy with somewhere around 8; now attention has turned to image stabilisation, liquid lens technology and even more exotic advancements:
Some of Nikon's CoolPix models already contain face-recognition software, a feature that supposedly assists focus by scanning the scene for human facial features. And Canon is working on even more sophisticated recognition software. One, called Blink Shot, would prevent the camera from taking the picture when your subject's eyes are closed. A companion feature, called Smile Shot, waits to fire until your subject manages a grin.

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Posted by: Andrew http:// Mon Feb 6 03:11:56 2006

Megapixels have never been a problem for me once they passed 5mp.

My wish list for digital cameras * Much better (and fast, flashless) night shot ability * Instant shot (half a second+ is too long) * More effort into external storage solutions (ability to connect and copy photos to a standard portable hard disk without a computer) * Cheaper novelty lens (fish eye, ultra wide, colour filters etc)

Posted by: toby Tue Feb 7 01:19:06 2006

No taking pictures of sad people with their eyes closed!