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Cory Doctorow in Melbourne

The Age has a profile of Boing Boing and Cory Doctorow, who, incidentally, is speaking in Melbourne on Tuesday:
It was Boing Boing that first noticed that "black people loot, white people find" groceries in the now-infamous captions of news photographs taken after hurricane Katrina.
"The greatest threat to an artist is obscurity, not piracy," says Doctorow, who has released three other novels on the internet. "All the people out there who didn't buy my books mainly did so because they hadn't heard of me, not because they could get it for free.

There are 2 comments on "Cory Doctorow in Melbourne":

Posted by: steff http://ofterdingenandkro Sat Apr 22 05:37:25 2006

Speaking at ACMI for $13. I think not.

Posted by: Peter Sat Apr 22 07:05:15 2006

Hi talk in Sydney at Popcorn Taxi was fantastic. Can be downloaded here:

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