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The Greatest Albums Of All Time

According to NME, that Daily Star of Indie™, Oasis' "Definitely Maybe" is The Greatest Album Of All Time™. It is followed by lesser luminaries such as The Beatles (at #2. #3, #13 and #14; not bad for an earlier, imperfect form of what Oasis would become), The Clash ("London Calling" is at #12), David Bowie (#18) and The Smiths (#9). Elsewhere on the chart is a lineup of NME darlings from years past, including The Stone Roses (#7), The Strokes (#20) and glamorous-nihilists-with-really-good-stylists The Libertines (#15). That really says it all about NME.

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Posted by: Peter Fri Jun 2 14:51:49 2006

Bwahahaha! I'm so glad to have it confirmed that I never need to read NME.

Posted by: amby Fri Jun 2 17:51:33 2006

NME = Daily star of indie? Good one... May I nominate BBC Radio 1 as the Channel five of the music world?

Posted by: acb Fri Jun 2 19:40:17 2006

I meant in the sense of it being a trashy tabloid with little if any redeeming value.

And BBC Radio 1 has shows which play a diverse range of artists, rather than the usual swill. Perhaps you're thinking of Xfm?

Posted by: substitute Fri Jun 2 20:12:27 2006

Jesus CHRIST. That's the stupidest possible #1 anyone could think of who wasn't just pranking. I remember an NME 100 greatest records they did in the mid 1980s, maybe 1985, where Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On" made #1. What happened since then?

Posted by: Peter Sat Jun 3 01:41:16 2006

Why are your comment times always fucked up? Surely it takes the time from the server's time? But your replies are always out of order. My comment was definitely the first when I made it! Confusing for poor little boys :(

Posted by: Peter Sat Jun 3 01:42:09 2006

Actually, it's not the times, is it? They're just *displayed* in a totally weird order.

Posted by: acb Sun Jun 4 01:36:52 2006

Fixed. (Would you believe I left an ORDER BY off a SQL query, and somehow it never caused any problems until now?)

Posted by: Peter Sun Jun 4 06:58:50 2006

I've noticed the ordering being weird before, so it may have been causing problems earlier too. Nice ;)

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