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Commocoffee 64

You can do a lot of things with a Commodore 64. Some people make music with them. Meanwhile, in the mid-1980s, the Italians adapted this versatile workhorse of a computer to the task of making a cup of coffee:
From what I gather, the Commocoffee 64 was basically a coffee maker without a built-in timer, which could be plugged into the cartridge port of a C64, using the machine to do the timing. Which, of course, is not the most efficient use of a then expensive computer which could only do one thing at once, though that was probably not the point.

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Posted by: Eric Thu Jul 6 00:51:50 2006

Andrew, I apologize for bringing this up here, but I have no other channel I can find to address this issue. I would like to use some of the text created in your POMO language generator for commercial use in a short demo film we're creating on digital typography. Do we have fair use of the text created? We wouldn't be using the code to generate the text, just the byproduct. Much appreciated, thanks.

Posted by: cos Thu Jul 6 08:52:41 2006

Yeah, but does it support the SNMP coffee pot MIB ( ?

Posted by: acb Thu Jul 6 11:32:41 2006

Probably not, unless you run one of the DIY UNIXoid OSes for the C64 that people have been hacking on from time to time.