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I woke up this morning to find London covered with snow:

Not surprisingly, there were severe delays on the Tube.

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Posted by: hot soup girl Thu Jan 25 02:28:50 2007

Hey acb! I thought I glimpsed you in the heaving crowd at tonight's I'm From Barcelona gig at ULU. They're masters of audience participation, and no foolin'. They're the Flaming Lips of Sweden.

Also, I took some photos of the snow this morning too, but they're not as good as yours.

Posted by: hot soup girl Thu Jan 25 02:32:22 2007

Oh, somehow two sentences got accidentally deleted from my comment. They were:

Did you enjoy the gig? I tried to find you afterwards to say hello, but couldn't see you!

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 25 10:17:34 2007

It was a brilliant gig; I'll write more about it shortly (once I've posted some photos). I'm now thinking of following them around Sweden or Europe some time later this year, should they tour.

I did end up leaving right after the gig, with some friends.