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Neoconservative Realism

Art movement of the day: Neoconservative Realism:

In addition to the prints, Birk has made a number of paintings, including The Liberation of Baghdad, seen here. The paintings are more satirical and ironic, and many are based on paintings of the glories of war in Napoleon's time and from Russian socialist images of battlefield glories.

The Liberation of Baghdad, says Birk, is about "what we were told would happen -- happy, joyfully liberated Iraqis welcoming American troops as we free them from the shackles of oppression."

There are 2 comments on "Neoconservative Realism":

Posted by: arthur Thu Mar 22 14:56:14 2007

This really is quite good. Notice the dead guy in the shadows?

Posted by: dj Fri Mar 23 00:33:21 2007

In the full version, you can see the statue of Saddam being pulled down on the far right of the picture and there is some graffiti of Mickey Mouse saying something in Arabic.

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