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The Motifs, "Away"

Melbourne bedroom pop outfit The Motifs has a new CD out; titled "Away", it contains 25 songs, both old and new, and each undoubtedly a masterpiece of pocket-sized pop perfection. It's only available through a Japanese record label, who don't have an English-language order form. have just added an English-language ordering site. What are you waiting for?

There are 2 comments on "The Motifs, "Away"":

Posted by: donovan Wed May 23 10:15:13 2007

I had a look at the site to see if I could make sense of it (I couldn't; don't know kanji yet) -- but...

I didn't notice it straight away, but there are two buttons at the top of the "shop" page: JAPANESE and ENGLISH. ENGLISH brings up an order form in English.

Posted by: acb Wed May 23 10:21:51 2007

They must have just added that. I did send them an email, and ended up ordering it by post.

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