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Threadless has a new T-shirt titled "Music Snob", depicting a list of improbable obscurer-than-thou musical genres:
Looking at it, I was thinking about just how improbable these contrived genres really are. Some of them have fairly obvious examples. Instrumental hip-hop, for example, would be the last Beastie Boys album, or possibly DJ Shadow. Goth-pop could be The Cure or Marilyn Manson, depending on how you interpret it. Gangsta lounge: wasn't Frank Sinatra said to have had Mafia connections? If that's not gangsta enough, one can imagine someone combining that style of music with a Chicago-gangster milieu. Indie klezmer: if by "indie" you mean "not on a major label", that'd be the FourPlay String Quartet; if you mean "indie" in style, surely some Jewfro-rocking hipster from Brooklyn has tried something like this by now; if not, perhaps it'll be the next Beirut album. Ambient metal: I heard that they were into that sort of thing in Norway. 60s Grunge: perhaps MC5 or The Stooges would qualify? And Neo-Honky-Tonk sounds like an offshoot of Country'n'Preston and/or folky indie.

Having said that, I rather doubt that Emo Bossa Nova could possibly work.

There are 2 comments on "Music Snob":

Posted by: threeze Tue Nov 6 23:20:18 2007

Wouldn't Goth Pop be more like Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation?

Posted by: Jody Macgregor Wed Nov 7 00:52:05 2007

Either I'm more of a music snob than I thought or instrumental hip hop is really out of place. As well as DJ Shadow there's albums by DJ Spooky, Madlib, Blockhead, DJ Krush, RJD2, Cut Chemist, Oh No, etc, etc. Maybe they meant instrumental rap? Which would be beatboxing, I guess.

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