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2007 in ideas

The New York Times, has published its seventh annual Year in Ideas, containing 79 hot memes from 2007, including: Also, quitting can be good for you, while hope can make you miserable, and ambiguity makes people more likeable. Meanwhile, some speculate that eating starch made our ancestors human. (Are you reading this, Greg?) And there may be good ecological news in the form of wave energy, airborne wind turbines, lightning farms and genetically-engineered bacteria that turn waste plant matter into oil, not to mention biodegradable coffins. Also, the French are debating whether jogging is inherently right-wing or gauche, though you may be glad to know that believing that you're getting exercise is enough to stay fit.

And then there are concepts such as Braille tattoos, the "cat lady" conundrum, Craigslist vengeance, the edible cocktail, criminal recycling, vegansexuality, weapon-proof school gear, and genetic-profile-based social networking; not to mention the Gomboc, an inanimate three-dimensional object which can only stand on one side and rights itself if placed any other way.

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