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Direct Note Access

This looks really impressive. It seems that Celemony (the makers of pitch/time-correcting sound editor Melodyne) have cracked one of the hard problems of digital audio processing: how to extract and modify individual notes in recorded chords. The video demonstrates this technique being used to transpose and re-edit recorded guitar chords as if they were MIDI scores, or even to play chords on a MIDI keyboard and have them played out using a sample. Which looks amazing, though, alas, it won't be with us until autumn (in the northern hemisphere).

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Posted by: toby Sat Mar 15 02:39:25 2008


Wonder what the trick is. It would be interesting to see if it could separate out two different instruments. And indeed what it does with things that change pitch smoothly. If it can do both those things then I'd be very very impressed.

Posted by: acb Sat Mar 15 16:14:17 2008

Apparently it only can handle chords of a single timbre. And, to be fair, the waveforms in the demo were rather on the clean side. Not sure how it'd handle less pure waveforms (amplified guitars, for example).