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Idiots spoil thing for everyone else

Australia has apparently outlawed laser pointers after some griefers decided to aim them at aircraft for lulz. (Maybe they hoped that they'd get lucky and bring one down and get to see lots of cool flames and shit.) And so, thanks to the actions of a few cretins, the nation's cats are deprived of one more source of amusement.

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Posted by: gjw Wed Apr 2 12:49:26 2008

Not sure how confident you can be that they are outlawed. Firstly, this came out of the Council Of Australian Governments meetings that have been going on. That is, it's just a proposal at the moment. Nothing has been voted on. It's not law. Although, admittedly, I can't see the omg-terurists-and-furriners-oh-no Liberal party opposing any ban that is proposed. Secondly, the article only mentions "green lasers". I'm assuming some stronger laser devices are available than the AAA-battery powered presentation pointer lasers, and that these stronger lasers are the ones being pointed at aircraft. I mean, I heard this on the news today - 'Ministers discussing ways to prevent laser attacks on planes", and I thought, there's no way they can stop that is there? Well, banning them _would_ be a way, but I really can't see the cops raiding all our lecture theaters to take our laser pointers away.

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