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Confessions of an Apple Mac Specialist

7 Confessions of an Apple Mac Specialist:
7. iPods have two fixes. Resetting and Restoring.
If both of those features do not work, your iPod is trash. Unless it's under warranty or you purchased AppleCare, then they will give you two options. First is to trade in your iPod for 10% off any model (except shuffle), or they will give you out of warranty replacement, Which usually means that you will pay around $100-$250 depending on the model you purchased.
6. We have 4 things that we will try to sell you when you purchase a computer.
AppleCare, of course, is your extended 3 year warranty, we are told to sell it as a service plan, but it does not do ANYTHING extra, but extend your warranty, and does not cover anything extra. .Mac is a ripoff unless you use the web site hosting. ProCare has to be the biggest ripoff. All this does is upgrade your AppleCare for one year. It has a little perk for business uses, but otherwise useless. Lastly, One-to-One training, which is the best deal in the store.

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Posted by: sizeofathermite Sat May 3 14:13:01 2008

This is sad but not really a revelation to me. Having always sworn by apple products and services in the past, these days i feel extremely loathe to furnish "the jobby" as i now refer to him, with nay a penny more of my meagre spondooliks, to further his apparent greedy lustfest, at the expense of keeping it real with the peeps on the streets an giving some measure of fair quota in return / generally not extracting the wee. Apple has just become a nasty sprawling faceless corporote monster imo. It's just the little cynical things like making the latest ipod nano NOT backwards compatable with older versions of OSX (eventially i discovered this written on the box in writing that would make a baby insect squint, after a wasted day an a lot of tears from a very dissapointed daughter who couldn't understand why after spending all her pocket money she'd saved up on 'like the best thing ever'it didn't communicate with our old emac)