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The Cans Festival

This weekend, your humble correspondent went to the Cans Festival, a huge stencil art exhibition in a tunnel under the former Eurostar platforms of Waterloo Station. The festival organisers took the entire road tunnel and transformed it into a gallery, with artists from all over the world painting pieces (most involving stencilling, though a few being paste-ups) along its length. The most publicised name attached to the exhibition was, of course, Banksy, and he had a number of works there; as well as some stencils, he was responsible for a sitting-room installation with derelict sofas and an old piano made available to the public and a number of "remixed" classical statues. Though there were several dozen more artists, and indeed, anyone could come along, register and add their artwork to the exhibition. (On Saturday evening, a section of the passageway was sealed off from the general public and made available only to registered artists, who were busily adorning it with stencils.)

Anyway, here are a few photos; the entire set is here:

FREEDOM img_8408 what a load of rubbish img_8482 img_8495 img_8410 img_8505 img_8483 My Cat Scratches Harder Than You

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Posted by: Cute Justin Tue May 6 22:01:08 2008

It seems to me that this awesome graffities are made by gamers who like to spray inc on walls.

The tuch of classic is too eminent in those pictures that do reflect an inner mind-set of a core user of Nintendoo.

Posted by: jeezy Mon Dec 22 01:30:44 2008

Outstanding blog entry - great flickr flicks. if you are looking for more info on graffiti and street art and stencil tips tricks techniques (and secrets) check out the following: <a href=""></a>

Posted by: MarCi Mon May 4 21:45:06 2009

Banksy is more then just a gamer who likes to spray inc on walls. His style is unique and brings out the more interesting and creative side of street art.

He is the Robin Hood of street art