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Chiptune controversies

A few controversies from the 8-bit music world: claims that electro outfit Crystal Castles ripped off the work of various chipmusic artists, violating the terms of their Creative Commons licence (though this Pitchfork article clarifies this, stating that the tracks in question were never actually released). Meanwhile, this documentary puts forward the theory that Michael Jackson (yes, that Michael Jackson) wrote the music for Sega's Sonic 3 video game on the MegaDrive/Genesis.

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Posted by: ctime Thu Jun 19 17:57:06 2008


cc was meant to play here in phx last weekend at this tiny venue and was canceled, to much disappointment. I like the music but it's painfully obvious they engineer/hack the hell out of it and sample from many different sources. So it's not entirely original, but who doesn't sample like this in the electronic music scene. It's fun to listen to and I can tell the live show would be completely different from what's on the CD, but I'm sure it would be amazingly fun.

Personally I doubt MJ worked on the sonic thing, sounds like a ripoff artist copied his music (or music style) instead.

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