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Music I don't want to hear again

Some music that I've heard more of recently than I would have liked: * Actually, I just made that up, but you get the general idea.

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Posted by: datakid Mon Jun 30 00:01:04 2008

I bought the ECSR first album when the latest album came out to see what the fuss is about. I discovered from both listening and general chats that the fuss is about the live show. The cd is ... dull. I guess. That's the best I can come up with. WTF happened to producing bands like Ricaine and 2 Litre Dolby?

Posted by: ianw Mon Jun 30 02:09:34 2008

I was amazed when I got back to Australia - ECSR were packing out venues that held about 30 people last time I'd seen them, then they played the Corner (800? more?) in May, and tickets sold out in a day. At first I thought it was another weird aspect of the phenomenon that various members the old (5 yrs ago) 'hardcore' crowd seem to have taken up various powerful/industry positions, and like you say, these guys have a classic oz-rock sound going on (which should be no surprise to you that they are big in Melbourne) and I thought there's also the bogan-chic thing.. But what surprised me is that they are popular - not just coolsies, not Indie-top10 but regular top 10 - with such a rough sound (not just Sunbury but GoldenTone amps, no reverb). I waited until seeing them again to comment, partly too because I don't buy records or listen to the radio - I'm listening to them (as opposed to watching them) for the first time, on their myspace - just stumbled onto it.. obviously "which way to go" is the better product

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 1 07:42:50 2008

Bogan-chic? I thought it was more old-school than that, more bodgie or sharpie or one of those subcultures from when Australia was a much rawer, rougher country.

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