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Australia bans Fallout 3

The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification has banned the postapocalyptic war game Fallout 3 (which is rated M in the US), not because of the realistic gore but because, in allowing the player to use the painkiller morphine, it promotes drug use.

There are 4 comments on "Australia bans Fallout 3":

Posted by: dj Thu Jul 10 01:18:22 2008

Cwistoffer Pahyne and Michael Atkinson will be vewwwy happy.

Posted by: gjw Sat Jul 12 02:51:18 2008

So, what exactly was IN those "health boxes" you had to run around picking up in Quake, or just about every FPS every made...I doubt it's anything that was available "over the counter".

Posted by: acb Sat Jul 12 10:13:44 2008

And then there are the mushrooms in Super Mario Bros. Not to mention the pills in Pac-Man. BAN THIS FILTH NOW!!!1!

Posted by: dj Thu Jul 17 02:21:43 2008

They completely missed the boat on Max Payne.

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