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Dr. Dragan Dabic

The big news today was that Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb warlord wanted for organising massacres of Croatian and Muslim civilians, has been arrested, and is likely to be shipped to The Hague post-haste. Rather than hiding in a hole or an impregnable fortress manned by fierce hordesmen, Karadzic spent the past 14 years being a celebrated New Age therapist in Belgrade. He grew an ecclesiastical-looking white beard, called himself Dragan Dabic and went around teaching meditation, yoga and tai chi and offering "bio-energy healing", amassing a considerable following.
Those who knew Dr Dabic on the New Age circuit have told The Times that he was regarded as an expert in silence and meditation. One of his lectures was called 'The relationship between calmness and meditation,' and another one was titled 'How to nurture your own energies.'
Mr Ljajic said that Dr Karadzic's disguise had rendered him so unrecognisable that even the landlord from whom he rented a flat had no idea who he really was.

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Posted by: Hanaji5 Wed Jul 23 04:10:32 2008

Dragan Dabic had a webpage in which he claims to have obtained a psychiatry degree from Moscow and then learned alternative medicine through travels to India, Japan and China. He also solicits emails from people interested in "private consultations" and "panel invitations. The webpage is at:

Wonder if he will access this email once he is in The Hague and respond to all the love/hate mails he must be getting now. Apparently Milosevic had access to computers while in custody in the Hague.

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 23 08:04:59 2008

Curiously, if you look at the domain info for with WHOIS, the renewal date is a year from yesterday, which suggests that it was registered either just now or exactly a year or two ago. Looking at shows nothing for, suggesting that it was created after he was captured. Looks fake to me.