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Spam news headlines

Those fake sensational news headlines spammers are using to trick people into visiting dodgy websites are getting more and more ridiculous:
Bush is Gay. Obama Converts To Judiasm.
Bush and Putin Agree To Restart Cold War During G8 Summit.
Barack Obama Wins Ku Klux Klan Endorsement. Both Obama And Mccain Claim They Will Deport Elton John.
The internet was invented in 1950s in China.
Gregorian Monks Commit Mass Suicide In Italian Church.
Madonnas Former Home Destroyed By Jesus. Blair: Im Not Gay, Thats Just My Accent.
A disproportionate number of them have the word "gay" in them. I guess that's meant to be a hot-button issue for the sorts of people they're looking for.

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Posted by: sue Fri Jul 25 18:57:35 2008

Just when I thought my spam filter was exceptionally effective, this gem proved otherwise:

"Trapped Chinese miners survive on coaal and urine diet"

Posted by: Greg Sun Jul 27 04:02:18 2008

Some of these are pretty good joke headlines a la the Onion or the Chaser

Posted by: acb Mon Jul 28 14:25:59 2008

Except that they're aimed towards a cruder mindset than the onion; one which considers the idea of homosexuality to be a joke in itself, for example.

Posted by: Christian Mon Aug 11 01:27:49 2008

Someone must have done some analysis of spam phrasing. But is there any concrete data on who purchases via spam and which phrasings were most effective?

Then again, most spam appears to be scam-based rather than simply pushing some sort of product. I can't imagine any of these companies actually conducting any form of legitimate business.

Posted by: retreat from al-mu'tasim Mon Aug 11 06:25:02 2008

One of the greatest stories that Borges never wrote is the one about the computer scientist who becomes obsessed with the idea that spam must sometimes contain profound truths and works of art. He starts a small business, Shakespeare's Infinite Monkeys, which ostensibly specializes in antispam forensics, but in fact his objective is to analyse as much cialis of the world's corpus of spam as possible.

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