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Don't Look Back

Patrick Farley (of Electric Sheep Comix) has a new work up: Don't Look Back, a gorgeously illustrated and witty slice of neon-lit 1970s prog-rock sci-fi futurism. It's a combination of distinctly retrofuturistic zeitgeists (prog rock/art, stories of spaceships, the freaks-vs.-straights dichotomy), gloriously rendered, and could be described as being like Illuminatus! meets the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with artwork by Roger Dean. It's a work in progress (only two parts are up so far), though keep checking back.

There are 2 comments on "Don't Look Back":

Posted by: Alex Mon Nov 3 16:42:15 2008

How can my humble Syndicate of Super-Heroes go up against such hi-tech illustrations? Bah...

Posted by: acb Tue Nov 4 01:33:32 2008

Well, Patrick Farley does have superhuman cartooning powers. (Remember "Delta Thrives" and "Spiders"?)

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