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Kogan Agora "postponed indefinitely"

The launch of the Kogan Agora Android phones has been postponed indefinitely, apparently due to "interoperability issues" of some sort. The Agora and Agora Pro, from an Australian outfit named Kogan (who, until now, have apparently been best known for cheap LCD TVs or similar) were meant to launch at the end of January, but now this will not happen. Which means that the T-Mobile G1 won't have any competition for a while longer yet.

I was thinking of buying an Agora Pro as my next phone (my Nokia 6230i—go ahead, laugh—is getting a bit long in the tooth), though with the announcement of the Palm Prē, I was having second thoughts. Now I suspect I may wait for the Prē to come out.

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Posted by: Peter Sun Jan 18 05:51:00 2009

To be honest, the Palm Prē is looking more exciting for me than the Android currently, because it looks to be pretty much totally integrated into the "cloud" anyway, and the interface looks so lovely. I guess it depends how energised they can get their app development base, 'cause you don't want to end up backing a Beta Video type operating system ;)

And I'm copying and pasting that damn "ē" character but have just discovered: ā