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Australian national firewall plan dead?

Some good news from Australia: the Labor government's controversial internet censorship firewall plan appears to be all but dead, as independent senator Nick Xenophon has announced the withdrawal of his support for the scheme. Of course, it could be that he's just angling for some sweeteners and will come over given enough pork for his constituency, though the plan doesn't look too healthy.

There are 4 comments on "Australian national firewall plan dead?":

Posted by: mama Fri Feb 27 09:28:40 2009

Hey, Bulhak: The "Postmodernism Generator" link at is dead -- not that a slouch like you is likely to care!

Posted by: gusset Fri Feb 27 11:07:16 2009


Posted by: datakid Fri Feb 27 14:23:24 2009

well, dada is subversive, and postmodernism, especially when not treated with gloves, is very dangerous. So many lost undergraduate years...Never was so much studied by so many for so little...

Posted by: gjw Mon Mar 2 01:39:13 2009

Unfortunately, Conroy is trying to get his censorship plan in through the back door - through regulations rather than an act of parliament. I don't know how likely that is to succeed, though.

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