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Sex lives of the fascists

A new exhibition in Spain explores sexual relations under Franco's fascist régime, through official advice given to women by the Feminine Section of the Falange, the fascist party:
"If your husband asks you for unusual sexual practices, be obedient and don’t complain. If he suggests union, agree humbly? When the culminating moment arrives, a small whimper on your part is sufficient to indicate any pleasure that might have been experienced."
From 1937 to 1977, some three million women aged 17 to 35 joined an organisation that urged young girls "not to burden themselves with books ? there’s no need to be an intellectual". And although sport was encouraged – one of few positives of the mass mobilisation – enthusiasts were warned: "Don’t take sport as a pretext to wear scandalous costumes."
The head of the women’s section was Pilar Primo de Rivera, sister of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, who founded the fascist Falange, the ideological backbone of Franco’s rule. "The life of every woman ? is nothing more than the eternal desire to find someone to submit to," she wrote.
For 40 years, women were drafted into "social service", a form of military conscription that supplied free labour for hospitals, publicly run restaurants and other social institutions.

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Posted by: hnk Wed May 13 15:14:04 2009

Wow. Please note that this sort of stuff could have been written right now, by a lot of people, especially religious extremists (Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Southern Baptists, Orthodox Jews, Radical Muslims, and what have you ; and of course Joseph Ratzinger, pompously known as "Benedict XVI", as if we were still living at the time of Louis XIV). For some reason I can't really fathom, but I'm sure does exist, all oppressive forms of power have always been keenly interested by the idea of tightly controlling what's going on between the legs of women. "Sex is politics", indeed.

Posted by: ianw Sat May 16 02:57:12 2009

not that I am for a moment sympathetic with the attitude, or any of the expremists you list, but the reason is simple: the (perceived) need to know for sure that the progeny you are working hard to raise (and bequeathe to) are your own