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A quarter-century of Tetris

Today's Google title graphic:
Apparently today is the 25th anniversary of the invention of Tetris, perhaps one of the most concise (not to mention enjoyable) statements of existentialism embodied in interactive form. (In Tetris, there are no goals, no new worlds to explore, foes to vanquish, princesses to rescue or other paraphernalia, just the ceaseless, Sisyphean struggle against an inexorable, impersonally hostile universe, from which the only respite is your inevitable death.) Tetris also gave its name to a hallucinatory condition often triggered by playing it for a prolonged period.

Perhaps coincidentally, one of the inventors of Tetris now lives in Sydney and works at Google, and is involved in the Google Wave project.

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Posted by: zervos Sun Jun 7 10:57:34 2009

oh, _that_ is what that was all about? i wondered what that illegible splodge was on the google homepage. never was a tetris player. but the story behind tetris is very interesting