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Dogs In Space DVD

It has been a long time coming (I was still living in Melbourne when it was announced, more than five years ago), but Melbourne post-punk cult film Dogs In Space is finally seeing a DVD release. The 2-disc edition, with extensive commentaries, videos and a fly-on-the-wall making-of documentary made at the same time, ships on 28 August. JB HiFi have a pre-order page here.

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Posted by: ctime Wed Jul 8 17:14:25 2009

Cool. I was able to find a 'digital copy' some time ago (I may have heard you reference the movie here). I watched it with friends, whom I thought would appreciate it, everyone had a hard time watching it. Hopefully the DVD release will make it easier to watch! The awesome soundtrack should be much improved (I'm guessing I had a VHS rip)

Posted by: Greg Sat Jul 11 23:28:00 2009

There's rather a lot of fuss over this at the Melbourne International Film Festival, with a bunch of "post punk mixtape" screenings. See

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