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Lady Gaga, Illuminati parroting puppet

These people claim that manufactured pop electrovixen Lady Gaga is an Illuminati mind control parroting puppet, with everything from her makeup to her nonsense lyrics being allusions to Satanic symbolism and Illuminati mind-control techniques. Other tools of the conspiracy are Transformers 2, Beyonce and even the Flintstones. And here are their top 5 most sinister corporate logos.

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Posted by: dj Mon Aug 17 02:19:20 2009

I wonder how much of an income stream you could get by creating a site like that...if you do it the right way, you get the genuine crazies and the people looking for humour...

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 17 09:06:25 2009

Of course, you'd always run the risk that you'd accidentally publish the details of a real conspiracy and get shut down or worse.

Posted by: datakid Mon Aug 17 09:30:45 2009

I disagree. Where better for the reality of a conspiracy to hide but inbetween regular conspiracy. To be considered conspiracy is often enough.

Posted by: Greg Mon Aug 17 12:05:04 2009

What would they make of Kiss, heavy metal, etc?

Posted by: acb Mon Aug 17 12:29:09 2009

Well, the LaRouche people (or was it David Icke's mob) claim that the Beatles were created by the Occult Directorate of British Intelligence as a black operation, and that "Yesterday" is a homage to Aleister Crowley.

Posted by: Henry Hastur Tue Aug 18 07:24:26 2009

We do love her music at the Lodge.

Posted by: Niall Tue Aug 18 08:39:22 2009

To what extent is she "manufactured"? This is something I'm unclear on - she seems a lot more "self-made" than starlets like Britney and co, her piano playing is great, and she writes or co-writes all her own material. She also seems to control her own image and look. I have more the impression that she's self-manufactured - though I'm ready to be convinced otherwise. (She's obviously heavily marketed, for one thing...)

Posted by: Vic Wed Sep 16 00:07:34 2009

As crazy as it sounds she is what she is. You guys need to put down your lollipops,Iphones,turn off the damn TV and wake up to realty. Do some real research on it at least. People are so dumbed down , simplified, demoralized ,degraded through this manipulation you call "pop culture" that they fail to see what's in front of their eyes. Suckers!

Posted by: mike knapp Tue Apr 13 03:01:12 2010

Lady Gag Gag pushes the pop-culture, homosexualizing/metrosexualizing of America.

If anyone hasnt noticed that since the Klinton regime, Gay is in and pushed hard. Its an AGENDA!

Why do the globalists/zionists want homos to proliferate???

Because for the most part, they dont breed. Number one item on any wannabe globalists list is to pare down the human population through any means necessary. Like; Wars, starvation, Vaccinations, Euthanasia etc... and gaying the population with help of fluoride et al.

If you sell this swill, you will be sold by kabblahwood in a heart beat. Thats why this tranny is everywhere. mk

Posted by: That prawn from Joburg Sat Oct 27 06:41:12 2012

Hail Eris!

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