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Make Hypocrisy History

Make Hypocrisy History, a charity for nihilistic greedheads who like being seen as superior. Instead of giving money to charities which will undoubtedly misallocate it or to beggars who will use it to buy drugs or guns, €100 will buy you a plastic bracelet imprinted with a simple diamond logo, whose design says "my bracelet costs as much as your iPod". All proceeds go to the designer of the campaign, who will use them as he sees fit. (Check out the FAQ.)

There are 2 comments on "Make Hypocrisy History":

Posted by: datakid Fri Sep 25 22:01:05 2009

At least when I read Zizek, he is grammatically correct. One thing that drives me nuts is people who are deliberately insulting, but whose grammer is wrong. Bad grammer or insulting on their own don't make me react in this way, but together, they create this weird depression/frustration in me.

Posted by: acb Sat Sep 26 02:19:42 2009

I bet his grammar would be more correct were he writing in his native Romanian.

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