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Racial separatists of the EU unite

The BNP has announced that it is forming an alliance in the EU with other nationalist parties. The European Alliance of National Movements will include the likes of France's National Front and the Hungarian neofascist group JOBBIK, though has fallen short of being an EU-recognised formal political grouping, mostly because the Tories' "European Conservatives and Reformers" group has cherry-picked most of the far right MEPs.

Anyway, I give them six months before the whole thing implodes with members accusing each other of being racially inferior and/or subhuman.

There are 3 comments on "Racial separatists of the EU unite":

Posted by: Third Position Sat Nov 14 05:48:03 2009

Laibach and think of England!

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 14 11:25:33 2009


Posted by: nnyhav Sun Nov 15 06:12:47 2009

Acronym AENM is apparently shared with Associazione Emigranti Nel Mondo. Go figure.

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