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Circa 1979: Signal To Noise

In conjunction with fluoro disco merchants Modular, Tom Ellard (of Severed Heads fame) has put together a mix of underground electronic post-punk music from 1979, from Australia and abroad, with an accompanying online booklet (in Flash, alas). The mix goes for some 40 minutes and contains the likes of The Residents, Telex, SPK and Primitive Calculators, as well as, of course, The Normal and the Human League (pre-girls, of course). File this alongside the recent BBC "Synth Britannia" documentary.

There are 2 comments on "Circa 1979: Signal To Noise":

Posted by: threeze Thu Dec 10 23:09:41 2009

It timed out for me, but you can apparently download the booklet as a PDF here:

Posted by: ianw Sat Dec 12 04:59:06 2009

handy to know (about the .pdf). No idea how/why but the flash site has no scrollbars for me (viewing on 1024x600 w/Firefox) so I don't get the bottom fifth or so of each page

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