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Australia bans small breasts

The Australian censorship authorities are now banning nude images of small-breasted women, on the grounds that they "encourage paedophilia". From now on, both porn models and sexual appetites in Australia must be traditionally built.

Australia is expected to have a national internet firewall in place before the next election; I wonder whether there's a team at CSIRO working on an image analysis algorithm for detecting unacceptable breast sizes as we speak.

There are 3 comments on "Australia bans small breasts":

Posted by: datakid Fri Jan 29 11:54:47 2010

I know someone that works there - I'll ask him.

Posted by: pears Sat Jan 30 01:37:18 2010

I already have such an algorithm if someone would like to submit the models to me. "Senator Joyce claimed that publications featuring small-breasted women were encouraging paedophilia." Well if it is claimed it must be settled then. Perhaps Joyce has stock in a breast augmentation company. What about shorter women ? Women with knee socks ? There is a lot of work to do here.

Posted by: OP Enduring Silicone Sun Jan 31 05:04:32 2010

If they're not big enough to sag, then the terrorists have won.

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