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Anti-mosquito laser turrets

If former Microsoft executive Nathan Myrhvold (now involved in malaria-eradication programmes funded by Bill Gates) has his way, we may soon have miniature mosquito-killing laser turrets:
Now the fun stuff: Shoot mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers. ("A pinkie-suck idea.") It can be built with consumer electronics -- a Blu-ray player has a blue laser, a laser printer has fast-moving mirror. You can use them around clinics. The shoot 100% organic photons. You can measure wingbeat frequency and size the of flying insect and decide whether it is worth killing. Moore's law makes technology so cheap we can decide whether or not to kill a bug.
They have one here, built from parts purchased on eBay. They are using a green laser pointer instead of a killing laser, for safety reasons. We see a box of skeeters being tracked and zapped. We hear the mosquito wingbeat.
There are also ultra-slow-motion videos of mosquitoes being zapped with a live laser here. Isn't technology awesome?

There are 4 comments on "Anti-mosquito laser turrets":

Posted by: lokbi Fri Feb 12 11:35:47 2010

hi there! i didn't come across dada engine until a few months ago... i find it interesting and i think i need it for my artwork (i need to create a database of texts from my diary and recall the texts randomly). just wondering if you can explain how the engine can be used (what software is required.. the procedures etc)? i am more of a graphic designer and don't know anything about scripting, though. so please don't get into too much technical detail. thanks a lot!!!

Posted by: Cordell Dumling Tue Feb 16 07:45:15 2010

Damned if I won't be their best customer!

Posted by: David Mon Aug 2 02:59:27 2010

miniature mosquito-killing laser turrets? but i never use the technical. but you can have a look at here:

Posted by: Anopheles mephistopheles Mon Aug 2 09:21:20 2010

Won't somebody think of the larvae?

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