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Pauline Hanson leaves for Britain

Australian far-right politician Pauline Hanson, who founded the rabidly anti-immigrant One Nation party and later ran separately on right-wing populist tickets, has announced that she is leaving Australia and plans to emigrate to the UK. She cited as her reason disappointment with the way Australia has changed.

Had she invented a time machine and gone back to the UK circa 1950, she might have a point, but these days, the UK is not so much the cradle of the white British race as another cosmopolitan melting pot, only with better curry and worse coffee. I wonder whether she'll end up joining the BNP.

Now if Pauline Hanson wanted to move to a place populated entirely by people of pure White British stock, there is one candidate: it's named Tristan da Cunha, located in the south Atlantic, accessible only by two ships a year, and its population is comprised of the descendants of British settlers. Everybody's white and either Catholic or Anglican and you can't get a decent pad thai noodles for love or money. It doesn't get much better than this, Pauline.

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Posted by: dj Mon Feb 15 01:47:17 2010

Clearly she is delusional or even more ignorant than I thought.

Posted by: Mon Feb 15 01:55:05 2010

Well, as those Australian-flag bumper stickers I see constantly on the back of rusted old Holdens say - "If you don't love it, leave it".

Posted by: datakid Mon Feb 15 03:39:02 2010

"only with better curry and worse coffee <i>than Melbourne</i>". FTFY.

Posted by: acb Mon Feb 15 11:09:59 2010

What I wonder is whether she has even been to Britain in the past decade or two, or watched any British TV that's not a regency costume drama. If so, she'd have seen halal fried chicken shops named after random US states and beturbanned fellows named Ravinder with impeccable Birmingham accents and corn-rowed Afro-Caribbean cockney geezers and bearded men wearing what look like nighties under their denim jackets, accompanied by their burqa-clad wives.

Posted by: Carry On Kim Jong Il Tue Feb 16 03:40:11 2010

In Soviet Russia, country leaves YOU!!

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