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Christian Voice vs. the BNP

Christian Voice, a right-wing Christian Fundamentalist group in the UK has rejected all major UK parties because they're too pro-EU, pro-secularist and "pro-sodomy", and rejected the British National Party because they phrase their claims of white supremacy in the language of evolution. You can't make this sort of thing up.

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Posted by: Greg Sun Apr 4 08:51:37 2010

To be fair, I think their main gripe with the BNP is its racism. They also dislike the BNP's press officer's belief in evolution, but that seems to be secondary. Quoting their website,

"Well, firstly the BNP changed its rules only in the teeth of a pending injunction from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Secondly, its members may not 'all' be racists, but a large proportion are, right to the top. The party may now be anti-Islam (they have noticed that Muslims are often brown-skinned people) but it has never been Christian and has always been fiercely anti-Israel. Its press officer believes in evolution and that black people are less highly evolved than whites. Thirdly, Jim Clift is seriously asking Christians to support a party that up until a few weeks ago would not accept half of all Christian worshippers in London as members? Er, no thanks, Jim."

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