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Wash Echte speaks

A German online publication named Fritz has an interview with "Wash Echte", the author of the Ich Werde Ein Berliner blog, which skewers Berlin hipster culture:
Hipster is a global phenomenon, but there are certainly cultural differences. What's special about German hipsters?
They are very "German" at it. Meaning that they take themselves very, very serious. Everybody is gravely determined to show how free and relaxed their life is. Like young people all over the world, Germans want to break free from the limiting world of their parents - where it only matters that you have the bigger house or nicer car than your neighbors, but all they seem to be able to is get themselves entangled in a different hierarchy that's even more limiting: Who had the wildest night out, who knows the most authentic Chinese restaurant, who has the biggest vinyl collection, who is the first to open a clandestine art gallery near Ostkreuz. Young Germans stopped using their built-in engineering skills to construct better cars, and channeled these skills into building the most impressive, delicately engineered hipness-hierarchy of all.
And here it is in German.

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Posted by: Bobbee Fri Jan 28 09:16:34 2011

Hmm, it seems the full interview is gone, as the links you provided both lead to error pages. Too bad. I bought his book just the other day in an desperate attempt at refreshing my German skills through reading original texts which are of actual interest to me. Do you know if "Wash Echte" has published anything in English yet (apart from his blog, of course)? I'd love to read more.

Posted by: acb Sat Jan 29 20:49:58 2011

I'm not aware of anything other than the blog.

Posted by: Bobbee Tue Feb 1 11:19:08 2011

I see - thank you for the info. I also did some research but haven't found anything else. So I just wrote an email to his publisher.

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