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Samsung EX1

The latest compact camera from Samsung, until now a brand more associated with cheap consumer units, looks interesting. The Samsung EX1 seems to be targetted at the niche at the top end of the compact market currently held by Panasonic's DMC-LX3; it has the solid metal body and large image sensor (1/1.7", with only 10 megapixels), and trumps the LX3 by having a f/1.8 lens (to the LX3's f/2.0, to say nothing of Canon's G11, the lowly f/2.8 aperture of whose lens borders on insulting), a fold-out screen (just like the PowerShot G series had back when it was good, only this one's AMOLED). It doesn't have the LX3's range of manual controls (the aspect-ratio and focus mode switches on the lens barrel), and appears to have fewer aspect ratio options, but the quality is said to outperform the LX3.

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Posted by: cos Thu Jul 1 23:02:05 2010

Looks nice. That's f/1.8 only at the wide end (24mm equiv), mind you. There's also the S90, which is f/2.0, or the Ricoh GRD III (28mm f/1.9 fixed lens).

But if aperture's so important, maybe you want to look at getting a micro-4/3 camera and buying the Noktor f/0.95 50mm lens? ( more info at )

Personally I've found myself shooting at smaller apertures (usually f/8 or beyond), these days. But I'm not going to gigs...

Posted by: acb Fri Jul 2 11:00:55 2010

It's not just gigs; the bokeh is also nice.

Posted by: cos Tue Jul 6 08:17:25 2010

Bokeh is nice, but how nice it is depends on the lens design - a wider aperture merely gives you a greater opportunity to see it.