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Bande Magnétique

Your humble correspondent spent the past two weeks in Melbourne, on family business.

Whilst in Melbourne, I learned that long-time blog favourites Ninetynine have recorded a new album, and decided to release it for free. (I was actually contacted by Lachlan, a regular contributor, who was helping to put it online.) Anyway, the new Ninetynine album is now online; it is titled, perhaps ironically, Bande Magnétique, and may be downloaded here.

And Bande Magnétique is Ninetynine in fine form; it starts off with the sort of angular pop they do so well (the opening track, Guest List Girls, featured on a compilation last year), and goes on from there, with echoes of Stereolab and Sonic Youth. Interestingly enough, a few of their tracks feature string arrangements of all things, which work surprisingly well. The effect is somewhat akin to another veteran Melbourne band who recently released a record, The Paradise Motel.

If you want to buy a physical copy of Bande Magnétique, there will be CDs at gigs, and possibly in record shops. Though in either case, you can get it online for free, with the band's blessing. And I'm told that the rest of the back-catalogue will follow in due time.

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Posted by: Mon Sep 27 08:33:23 2010

Absolutely LOVING this album. I think it's their best ever and can think of very few other bands whose best work comes out at their 7th album. The Cure maybe? Lyrical depth and musical prowess sit so comfortably in the songs and I can't work out why they haven't used string sections earlier. I like that it's so similar to their earlier stuff, still a bit clumsy and Sea Haggs-ish in parts and then a whole new level of accessibility in others, plus The Woods has to be the first ninetynine song to make me choke up. It's about Catholic and Protestant rivalries in Glasgow apparently.