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The Rap Guide To Human Nature

The Rap Guide To Human Nature is a hip-hop album about evolutionary psychology by a Canadian "rap troubador" named Baba Brinkman. It's not a joke: the beats are sharp, and Brinkman rhymes with the speed and dexterity of an accomplished rapper, deftly laying out the theories and controversies of evolutionary psychology, from kin selection to the biological roots of religious and political belief, twin studies to alternative models of human nature, and of course to areas such as sexual competition and social status where hip-hop culture and evolutionary psychology intersect. Note that, as expected from rap, the lyrics are probably not suitable for children.

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Posted by: unixdj Sat Aug 7 14:32:06 2010


I recently arrived to the conclusion that any worthy idea can, and probably eventually will, be put to rap (not my favourite genre, though I enjoy it from time to time). Another example of this genre is this video about economic theories:

Explanation (way too long):