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The Bufalino

Design innovation of the day: German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns has designed an ultra-compact and rather funky-looking one-person camping vehicle based on the Piaggio APE cargo scooter (for those unfamiliar with small Italian motor vehicles, that's a very small lorry/ute based on a motorscooter; essentially the Vespa's less frivolous big brother). He calls it the Bufalino:

It looks like it'd be great to go on holiday in, but given its size, it may be a rather solitary holiday. Perhaps this needs a Unhappy Hipsters caption?

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Posted by: Thu Sep 2 08:12:53 2010

My initial thought was that I wouldn't like to see that thing taking corners along the Great Ocean Road. The camping trip would very quickly end in the Bass Strait.

Posted by: acb Thu Sep 2 10:51:07 2010

Do they have Piaggio APEs in Australia?