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Speaking of the tinfoil tendency, recently the annual Bilderberg conference, in which the world's rich and powerful get together to talk about stuff and/or make dastardly plans, was held in Watford of all places; unlike previous Bilderberg conferences, it included an unofficial fringe festival, with talks by famous conspiratologists like David “giant lizards rule the world” Icke and Alex Jones. VICE Magazine sent a reporter to talk to people attending the gathering and found a lot of awakening and raised awareness, but nobody knowing exactly about what:

"I started to wake up about a year ago, when I had a stroke on the left side of my brain. Afterwards, my aware side woke up and I started to notice that the news was a load of rubbish. I started doing my own research into Egyptian pyramids, the Mayans, sacred geometry, the whole package – and aliens. They all sort of came together in a package and I put the pieces together myself... The message is the same – back to the Mayans, back to the Egyptians and back to the Atlantians even before that: You are God; you are one."
"They’re just making people aware, which is great. I love the fact that they’re here doing the right thing and speaking the truth."
"What are they making people aware of, specifically?"
"Of what exactly is going on in the world. We’re not listening to the media and all that. This is actual, y'know, important stuff."
"What brings you here today?" I asked a girl named Bryony, who was in the midst of a hooping.
"People, everyone, connecting and information," she replied.
"What information, specifically?"
"Uh, about the… people in there. What are they called?"
"The Bilderberg, yes. We shall not surrender to these people who are trying to control us and oppress us. And poison us."
"How are they poisoning us?"
"They’re poisoning us by putting fluoride in the water and genetically modifying nature."
The article also quotes Alex Jones, who goes into a wrestlerly oration about cancer viruses and necrophilia. Alas, there is nothing about what truths David Icke brought to the table.

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The Bilderberg group, either an informal social gathering for the world's movers and shakers or a shadowy Illuminati-like cabal, possibly comprised of shape-shifting reptilian aliens, that controls the world (depending on whom you ask), are now meeting, somewhere in northern Italy.

(I don't think that the existence of meetings of high-ranking politicians and business tycoons is a worry in itself; these sorts of things are going to happen, informally, in any system. Even communist states like the USSR and China did business with the ultra-wealthy where it suited them. Democracy and, more importantly, transparency exist to keep such things in check. (On any large scale, centralised democracy serves mainly to make elite influence over power less efficient and keep it in check, rather than any more idealistic purpose; on a large enough scale, public opinion approximates a low-pass filter on the opinions of the Rupert Murdochs of this world.) What's more worrying is the concentration of corporate control over news media and the inherent constraints on democratic discourse when mainstream media buries uncomfortable stories or issues.)

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The BBC report on the Bilderberg meeting in Versailles last Thursday, where Earth's reptilian rulers feasted on human flesh a bunch of rich old men gathered to play Illuminati and/or control the world. Apparently one of the delegates there was Henry Kissinger. (Hang on, isn't he legally a fugitive in France? If so, what's to stop the French police from swooping down at some opportune moment and dragging him off in chains to The Hague?) (via NWD)

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