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There seems to be a fresh crop of "THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT" stickers on the streets; they've been appearing on advertising billboards and street signs, just in time to replace the decaying remains of the old ones. Perhaps someone from the Cave Clan found another lot on a building site or something?

(Given how the THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT meme probably has more market penetration than all the T-shirt labels of Prahran put together, it's about time someone decided to exploit the phenomenon by founding a "Heavy Product Streetwear" line, making hooded tops, bike courier bags, big yellow shorts, &c. bearing the logo, and selling them to teenaged mooks and/or fashion victims at a ridiculous prices. All one'd need for that is a contract with a third-world sweatshop to make the damned things, and they probably advertise on the web by now.)

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Culture jamming: A group of the militant unemployed calling themselves the Dole Army have hoaxed Australian tabloid TV current-affairs shows into running a story about the unemployed living in drains, emerging only at night to scavenge for food. The Murdoch papers and radio talk show hosts are undoubtedly outraged. The Cave Clan could not be reached for comment.

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