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August is shaping up to be a good month for rereleases; now Cherry Red are rereleasing Another Sunny Day's "London Weekend" on the 17th. London Weekend contains indiepop classics such as You Should All Be Murdered, Anorak City and I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist, and has been unavailable since Sarah Records shut down in 1995. The rerelease will come out with 6 bonus tracks and sleeve notes by Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley.

(Apparently the rerelease comes about through Harvey Williams having bought back the rights to the album, rather than Matt and Clare deciding to open the Sarah vaults, though there are (as always) vague rumours of more Sarah rereleases. Let's hope that they do happen and there's some Blueboy among them.)

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Cherry Red, the record label that has perhaps done more than anyone else (with the possible exception of LTM) to keep Britain's 1980s indiepop heritage alive, is rereleasing The Shop Assistants' 1986 album Will Anything Happen, hitherto only available via furtively downloaded MP3s or ridiculously expensive eBay purchases.

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